Monday, 11 February 2013

A little peek into some of the locations used for the Operation series

I wanted to share a few images that come close to the locations I've used in my Operation Series. It's not an exact science, and it's times like this when I dearly wish I was blessed with the ability to sketch! How awesome would that be?!

*Please note I'm not claiming any ownership of these images, just trying to find images that reflect the feeling of scenes in my book.

Operation Summer Storm

In Operation Summer Storm we travel from Bali to the remote and rustic Los Cavernas owned by a reclusive milionaire/hillbilly associate of Tate and his men, before heading into the rugged and beautifully mysterious Cambodian jungle.

 You may also recall the caves which Los Cavernas is named after.

This reminds me of the underwater scene inside the cave.

Inside the cave

The Cambodian jungle 

 The dreaded POW camp where Willlow is being kept.

Operation Willow Quest

 Willow at Summer and Tate's little house overlooking the beach.

 Guerrilla fighters in South America just one of the dangers Willow and Del face. 

                                         Colombian landscape.

  Bogotá, Colombia

Back home to Brisbane and Willow's inner city apartment

Operation Swift Mercy

Chase and his fishing spot where he goes to get away from the madness of Grooms men duties...and finds a bigger catch than he was expecting! 

The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, provides more excitement than any of the guys were expecting. 

And in Swift Mercy we see the beginning of Los Cavernas becoming a resort.

The dock/ wharf where the boat is tied up...usually!

 Inside the guy's cabins on Los Cavernas

Operation Date with Destiny

 Back streets of Manila, in the Phillipines where a very cocky, Tupper,  finds himself.
 The resort reception area at Los Cavernas

Los cavernas resort

If you haven't read the whole series yet, I hope this gives you a little bit more insight! you can find the series and all my other books here   :D Happy reading! 


  1. Wow Karlene

    Great post and great pics.
    It really give readers an insight and a feel for your story.

  2. NICE!! Yep....almost exactly like I pictured it! I miss those boys!

    1. That's really great to know..I always wonder how other people imagine scenes.

  3. Oh, I want to go back with the boys. I need some escape time.