Friday, 12 October 2012

The 4 step guide to a great weekend!

Are you in a reading slump? Do you have a hankering for a hot hero and a feisty heroine? Well follow these 4 simple steps and your boring weekend can instantly be elevated!!! (Click on the book titles.)
Step 1. Operation Summer Storm

 Tate Maddox is a wanted man, accused of a crime he didn't commit.

 Summer Sheldon holds the key to his freedom-for a price. Her demands are simple--rescue her journalist sister from a rebel hostage camp and she'll hand over the evidence to clear his name. There's just one small catch. He has to take her with him. From the depths of a Cambodian jungle to the tropical paradise of the Philippines, two unlikely allies are forced to learn how to coexist or lose everything each holds dear.

Together they must expose a truth that leaves them both vulnerable to the ruthless killer behind Tate's nightmare. Murder, blackmail, and injustice brought them together. Will Tate and Summer save Willow and restore Tate's reputation in time, or will they pay the ultimate price for honor?
 Step 2. Operation Willow Quest

Peter Delaware is a man on a mission. His job is to save Willow Sheldon's delectable, but antagonizing butt, before she gets herself killed. Unfortunately, she has no intention of making his job easy.

As a photojournalist, Willow Sheldon’s job has often taken her to some dangerous places, but when Peter 'Del' Delaware comes to her rescue, suddenly it's no longer the hostile environment that poses the greatest threat to her safety.

 On the trail of an elusive weapons dealer, Willow is determined to bring the man responsible for the nightmare of her past, to justice. If in doing so she also gets the scoop of the decade, then all the better.
From the tropics of the south pacific, to the jungles of South America, these two unlikely allies must learn to let down their defenses in order to make it out alive.  

Step 3. Operation Swift Mercy

She needed help…someone brave…someone tough…someone like a rough and ready Marine.

For Chase Maloney, everyone around him seemed to be moving on, while he was simply marking time.  When he decided to take a short break from groomsmen duties to go fishing, the last thing he expected to catch was a beautiful woman!
 It wasn't in his nature to turn his back on anyone in distress—especially not a woman… and especially not one who made him want to rethink his entire future.  But protecting Mercy would prove somewhat difficult when she fought him every step of the way to keep him from getting mixed up in her problems.

Can they outrun a vicious killer, and hand over the evidence to convict him, in time? Or will he find them first and inflict swift vengeance?  

   Step 4. Operation Date with Destiny

Johnny Tupperoni; US Marine and infamous ladies’ man has found himself naked and tied to a bed with no memory of how he got there! The one thing he does remember though is the sassy woman in the red satin dress with angel wings tattooed across her back.
Destiny is a desperate woman. Her younger brother’s been abducted and she knows exactly who has him. She’ll do anything to get him back—even kidnap the one man with the experience to pull off her dangerous plan. Why? Because next to her, no one wants to avenge Samuel Tre’ago against the crimes he’s committed more than, Johnny Tupperoni.
A common enemy will unite them…but will Destiny’s secret be the weapon that ultimately destroys them?               

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