Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Grab my hand- Indie Authors Against Bullying

Grab my hand- Indie Authors Against Bullying

Watch the YouTube video here that started this campaign by Indie Authors to stand up against bullying. 

This made me so sad. As a mother, the thought of my children going through hell day in and day out because of bullying makes me feel ill. Many victims feel alone. This makes me sad too. 
What can we do? It's been happening since the beginning of time right? Well right...but in my opinion, now days with technology expanding at the rate that it is, there's now an opportunity for Bully's to torment their prey 24/7. There's no escape and nowhere to hide from them, and not only can the bully's attack in person and online, but they can also take it to a global audience--imagine that? 
Grab my hand is a very timely and simple gesture.
Reach out and offer a hand to someone who might need it and anyone who's suffering in silence--reach out and grab that hand! There is help and there are people who care...REACH OUT. 


Lifeline Australia 13 11 14

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