Tuesday, 28 August 2012

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Louise Wise’s books

I love romance but I also like it with a little something else be it sci-fi or comedy. I also demand realism. I like to keep it real, as they say. With my first novel I mixed science-fiction with romance, but because I don’t like hard-core sci-fi with strange, unpronounceable names and anything machinery (mention something metallic and shiny and my eyes glaze over) I thought I’d find readers for my sci-fi difficult to find. But I was wrong. Eden is selling extremely well, which, for an indie author is pretty good!

Here’s the blurb for Eden:
Imagine being stranded.
No way of getting home. 
No telephone, no computer, no shelter. 
No food. 
Now imagine the place you're stranded is another planet. 
Then you realise you're not alone after all...


My true fluffy chick lit is A Proper Charlie. She’s annoying as hell, but you can’t help loving her. It was fun to write and I could let the comic in me out!

Here’s the blurb for A Proper Charlie:
She's losing her job.
She's losing her boyfriend.
She can only afford to eat spaghetti hoops on toast.
She's called Charlie... or Charlotte, or ginger, ginge, Duracell,
carrot. Yet with all these odds against her, she pushes forward to
take the lead story on her paper at London Core. 

Shame no one knows. Shame she's the office general assistant and not a real journalist.
 it's on missing prostitutes and Charlie thinks pretending to be a 'tart
with a heart' will get her that story. She doesn't just get a story. She becomes the starring role.

My latest release is another chick lit with the big title The Fall of the Misanthrope: I bitch, therefore I am. With this I’ve mixed depression into the pot. Most of us have suffered with this illness one way or another, from mild baby-blues to full blown Fluoxetine depression. My main character, Valerie, thinks she’s a hard-as-nails business woman. She looks at everyone with contempt, and snarls instead of talks. She needs chick lit love, doesn’t she?

Here’s the blurb for The Fall of the Misanthrope: I bitch, therefore I am.
Valerie Anthrope lives alone and works alone. She is a bitch that no one wants to be around, and that suits her fine.
But busybody, Ellen, is watching her and wants to ‘mend’ Valerie. In fact, she makes it her mission. She thinks she’s a struggling broker for Sunny Oak Brokerage and coerces her rich nephew into buying insurance. But nephew Lex wants Valerie to become another notch on his bedpost.
While Valerie brings Lex down a peg or three, Lex teaches Valerie that life is for the living. Only neither Lex nor Ellen realise that Valerie is cursed, and the very reason that she is a bitch is that it keeps people from dying.
Welcome to the dark side of chick lit.

Louise also blogs at: http://louisewise.com and she’s accepting guest posts and other indie books for her Book Junkies library. Follow her blog, fire her an email and she’ll gladly add your book to the many others.

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