Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Another shot of Whisky anyone?

What an amazing first week since publishing Whisky State of Mind. I had no idea what to expect when I released this book. It was a new genre for me to be writing in so I wasn't sure if anyone would even take notice of it, but I've had lots of support and Whisky's rank hit as high as #216. As I write this post it's sitting at #559... I am so excited that this book is doing so well.
 It's been a bit of a learning curve, but I am so happy that I decided to write it. I've had to face a bit of negative criticism..does anyone ever get used to that? I took on board quite a bit of it (at least the useful stuff...not so much the hostile, crazy weird lady ranting stuff that seems to somehow get added to a few of the reviews!) and decided to write a second Whisky book...a part two, if you like. Whisky on my Mind will hopefully be released by the end of April. It's set 6 months after Whisky State of Mind ends and shows how Whisky's life has turned out.

Here's the blurb:

Life for Whisky McKenna is no longer hanging in limbo. She’s now part owner of her father’s Bar and Grill and back in College finishing her degree. With Sawyer Riley; all six feet of broody denim and leather at her side, life should be getting easier…but loving Sawyer was never going to be an easy choice; not when he came with a motorcycle club as a third wheel in their relationship.
Added to that, a new threat has reemerged bringing with it a complication in the form of her old lover, Caleb Santiago.
Past secrets and old hurts are forced to the surface as Whisky struggles to adjust to her life as Sawyer’s old lady while trying not to lose everything she’s worked so hard to get in the process.
Can she love Sawyer and accept his life without letting go of everything that was once important to her? Or will sharing him with the club be too big a sacrifice? 

I've met so many new and wonderful people in the last few weeks with this book; bloggers who have reviewed Whisky and my lovely new editor, Cate, who was a huge help and got Whisky looking punctuation perfect!As well as a stack of new friends on face book and twitter who have helped spread the word. And a HUGE thanks to all my old, faithful friends, you all know who you are, who continue to buy my books and tell people about them! I've had a few things sent to me that I thought should be put into a Whisky post... things like this.......

Ernie Button discovered something really cool about Whisky (the drink...not the person). Check out this blog and the accidental discovery he made which turned into a fantastic hobby! here. 

Thank you to Cate my awesome editor for sending this article through to me. Love it!

And is this perhaps Sawyer's favourite saying? Thanks Karin for sending this to me :) I think it's kinda perfect!


  1. Just curious if there will be more books after Whiskey On My Mind? :-) Looking forward to reading it!