Monday, 18 March 2013

Whisky anyone?

Okay, now don't panic! It's alright, I haven't completely switched genres, I'm still writing romantic suspense, but you know me, I get a bee in my bonnet, or rather characters find me and bug me until I write their story...they don't seem to care if they're a completely different genre to what I usually write, they just want their story told! 

So there I was, happily writing book two of the Sentinel series, when this tall, somewhat sexy biker, swaggered up and suggested I write his story...only it wasn't his story was his girl, Whisky's, story...but he wanted to make sure I wrote him into it...who was I to argue (did I mention he was hot?!).
I really enjoyed writing this book, it gave me the opportunity to add my coffee addiction to a story line for one thing...and something else unexpected happened along the way...I discovered Son's of Anarchy...(cue dramatic music here).
I swear to GOD...never have I been addicted to a TV show the way I became addicted to this one. I have Kerri Williams, to thank for starting me on this road to destruction. She'd been nagging me for ages to watch this show...but seriously, it's about bikers... ok, so my husband owns a bike (his online screen name should have scared me off when we first met being Coffsbiker!) But, honestly, I didn't think it would be something i'd watch...oh how wrong was I?!
About two thirds the way through this book, I looked over at the DVD I had sitting on my desk where it had lived for about three months or more, and decided that, okay, seeing as I was already up to my armpits in this biker story I was writing, I may as well watch a few episodes of SOA and see if there's anything research worthy on there to help with this book...well, three seasons into it, I hadn't been able to concentrate on finishing my book, I hadn't written a damn word in weeks and I was consumed by Son's took the fact I couldn't get my hands on season 4 to kick my butt into gear long enough to finish writing Whisky! It was the longest damn waiting by the post box to get my DVD's I had to order from over seas, ever!!! 
So thanks to a combination of things, writing this book opened me up to a whole world of possibilities! I should point out Whisky is nothing like Son's of Anarchy, so don't read it expecting to find Jax, Gemma and Tig on the pages! But I hope you still enjoy Whisky and Sawyer's story. 


Whisky “Sky” McKenna, daughter of a once notorious motorcycle club president, just wants to live her own life, without her father’s baggage, without her grandparents’ controlling rules, and preferably without stabbing her obnoxious employer with a fork.
For months, the only thing that kept Sky dragging herself out of bed and off to her job was the brief few moments she got to stand behind her mystery guy at the coffee shop. She didn't know his name—she didn’t care, all she knew was that those precious few moments each day she spent fantasizing about having his babies was the highlight of her pathetically, mundane life.
Then he walked back into her life. Sawyer Riley; six feet of broody denim and leather with a demand that would turn her life upside down.
Suddenly mundane was beginning to look pretty darn good.
Holding onto her newly found freedom was proving difficult when everyone seemed hell bent on taking it away. How was she supposed to have a future when her past kept getting in the way?
  You can buy Whisky here  and in the UK here

Check out the beautiful back cover of the print copy! Thank you so much to the amazing Shelly Pratt for bringing my cover to life. You can get her to design you a cover by visiting her here.

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