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MASSIVE blogger's giveaway

A huge THANK YOU to the amazing Colleen Hoover for putting this all together. This is an extract from her blog you can find here. If you know someone who has a book blog then please make sure they enter this fantastic giveaway! And to all the bloggers who have supported me on my writing journey a huge thank you to all of you, from me xxx         KBM. xxx 

A group of authors, including myself, have wanted to show bloggers the same level of appreciation that they have shown us.  What better way to do so than to reward them with a huge THANK YOU!?
I want to present our “Book Blogger Payback.”  These authors have been so kind as to donate a portion of their hard-earned royalties in an effort to reward bloggers for all they have done for us.
If you are a book blogger and want to enter the $7,000+ Book Blogger Payback…it’s really quite simple.
Yes…I said $7,000+!!!
All you have to do is submit your most cherished post from your blog to this email address.  colleenhoover@live.com  It can be any type of post.    A review of your favorite book…an interview with your favorite author…or a new post altogether!  I will be linking these posts on my website and they will also serve as your entry into the Book Blogger Payback giveaway. Both U.S. and international entries accepted.The winners will be chosen at random on July 31st.  Entries are due by July 20th.
All winners of gift cards have the choice between the following retailers:
Amazon, iTunes or Barnes & Noble.
Prizes will include the following:
Two Grand Prize winners will each receive a $1000 gift card.
Five (updated thanks to another donation) winners will receive a $500 gift card.
Ten winners will receive a $100 gift card.
Ten winners will receive a $50 gift card.
Three winners will receive their choice between a Nook, Kindle, iPad, Kobo or Sony e-reader.
Almost THIRTY prizes to be given away, bloggers!!
All winners will be chosen completely at random through an automated generator.  Winners will not be chosen based on their blog entry.  Blog entries are only being encouraged for submission as a way to promote the blogger’s website.
Please only enter if you are a valid blogger.  Your name, email address and a link to your blog will be required along with the link to your favorite blog post in the entry email.
Sponsorship is not being acquired to support this giveaway.  All prizes are being donated directly from the following authors.  Check out their blogs below.

New Adult romance lovers check this out!

I'm hosting Kerri Williams today and she's here to tell you about her recently re-released trilogy.

The Moore Justice Trilogy is page packed with love, trials, wit, betrayal and suspense, oh and of course one hell of a hot guy. SWOON! Meet Talon Baker

Sassy Claire Moore wants only a few things in life, a normal relationship with her teen love, Talon, a normal life where she can attend college and then there’s avenging her families murder.
Yeah that last one, is the one that gets in the way of the ‘normal’

This girl is more than a kick-ass attitude and witty mouth, she’s desperate. But desperation can be your enemy. Claire gives us readers a love story and so much more in all three of her stories

Hot Excerpt <because we want a bit of Talon>:
The door closed behind her and she heard the beep of the automatic lock mechanism he held in his other hand before pocketing it and wrapping his arm around her. She could feel a distinct hardness in his entire body as he aided her to the couch, but declined to sit with her.
“I have a few things to take care of. Would you like a drink or anything to eat?” he said.
She had never remembered feeling less hungry. “No. You go take care of whatever you need to. I’ll be fine.”
“You always are.”
Ouch. “Talon?” She stood, her hand hovering over his heart for a second before he stepped forward so his body was against hers, his hand knotting in the back of her hair gripping her neck and his lips taking her in a zealous need she could feel and reciprocate right from her very soul. This wasn’t a kiss of affectionate love; this was a terrifying, driven need that had you in an almost chilled sweat.
She met his kiss and tongue with lavish want, need and something possessive. Talon would forever be in her heart. He would forever own it no matter what happened in their future. However, right now all she wanted to think and feel was him and her in the most carnal way the humankind could be.
His hand slipped from her hip where his fingers brushed her tender flesh, higher until he lifted her bra from her breast and swallowed it in his large hand. Whimpering into their kiss only made him surge further into the passion of the moment when he grabbed her thighs and lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist where he took her stairs with fast ease to her new bedroom.
He stopped before her bed allowing her feet to the floor and his hands to roam and ravish once again. She felt the growl that came from his chest when she ran her hand up the inside of his shirt and her nails made contact with his skin. It was in quick succession that he rid her of her clothing. She tried to help, but her fumbling only seemed to get in the way. He pulled his shirt over his head from the back causing his dark hair to spike haphazardly, it was sexy as hell.
The fact that she stood naked while he remained momentarily clothed, had a shudder ripple right through her until he must have felt the tremor and goose-bumps that spread across her flesh and stood back. His eyes met hers before grazing down her body slowly. Heat rose from her neck and her breathing became shallow. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she eased herself back until she lay braced on her elbows in the middle of the big mattress watching as his tongue darted out, saturating his lips before disappearing back into his mouth.
He rid himself of his pants and shoes in almost one move and crawled across the bed until his lips met the top of her foot where he ran a trail of kisses up her shin and inner thigh before hovering over the heat at her….

Want more? Follow the link bellow for all three novels in one buy for $2.99

Young Adult and Teen readers saidPraise for Kerri Williams! What a terrific trilogy she wrote.

Williams brought together such a wonderful collaboration of mystery, romance, and murder! We start right off, story bound. Here's what I truly loved about this writer, she doesn't make you spend the first 3 chapters learning about backgrounds and characters. Nope we are thrown right into the story full force and gradually you learn of different aspect of backgrounds/characters. Through reminiscing or memories/daydreams.

She offers us Claire Moore and Talon Baker brought back together after months of distance. Claire is still investigating what happen to her family. While Talon is searching why "The Suits" are perusing him. Low and behold this is what forces the two back together. Keep in mind Claire was always in love with Talon and vice versa. Never once letting either know their feelings. Talon took off right after Claire's brother was killed. As the story grows, so do the characters as well as the plot! OMG some things will just shock you and have you desperately keep you wanting to know more and more!

This is definitely a on the edge of your seat book. The Author uses her wonderful talent to keep of hold you and making your fingers flip the pages, as fast as you can.

From the start of book one till the ending of book three, I love this Authors dept and description of the perfect masterpiece she has created! Her words certainly flowed flawless through the entire trilogy. Will you get mad, will you laugh, will you cry absolutely YES! But it all stems from the journey you are on in this book. Which means in simple words Awesome!!! <3

Links :
The Moore Justice Trilogy fb page: https://www.facebook.com/TheMooreJusticeTrilogy

What’s next:  NEVER GOODBYE (An Albany Boys novel)  available August 15

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17696042-never-goodbye

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Buying links for the Whisky Shots series

Available at the following online stores 

Whisky State of Mind-Buy Here  

Whisky on my Mind-Buy Here   


Whisky State of Mind-Buy here  


                                                 Whisky On my mind-Buy here 

                                                                                                                                   Whisky State of Mind-Buy here 

                                                 Whisky On my Mind- Buy here

Friday, 31 May 2013

Whisky on my Mind is here!

The gang's all back in book two of the Whisky Shots series, Whisky On My Mind.
The Bar and Grill features quite significantly in book two so I thought it only appropriate it had a logo!  I had a few images to chose from but Sawyer was hovering over my shoulder and kept growling that they all looked too sissy! This one seemed to shut him up!

Great news for readers; Most of my books are or will very soon be available in other formats and available at Barnes and Noble, Apple, Nook and Kobo!

I really enjoyed writing a follow on for Sawyer and Whisky. Both characters have really grown in book two and I hope you guys enjoy reading their story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Buy here

Buy Here

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Another shot of Whisky anyone?

What an amazing first week since publishing Whisky State of Mind. I had no idea what to expect when I released this book. It was a new genre for me to be writing in so I wasn't sure if anyone would even take notice of it, but I've had lots of support and Whisky's rank hit as high as #216. As I write this post it's sitting at #559... I am so excited that this book is doing so well.
 It's been a bit of a learning curve, but I am so happy that I decided to write it. I've had to face a bit of negative criticism..does anyone ever get used to that? I took on board quite a bit of it (at least the useful stuff...not so much the hostile, crazy weird lady ranting stuff that seems to somehow get added to a few of the reviews!) and decided to write a second Whisky book...a part two, if you like. Whisky on my Mind will hopefully be released by the end of April. It's set 6 months after Whisky State of Mind ends and shows how Whisky's life has turned out.

Here's the blurb:

Life for Whisky McKenna is no longer hanging in limbo. She’s now part owner of her father’s Bar and Grill and back in College finishing her degree. With Sawyer Riley; all six feet of broody denim and leather at her side, life should be getting easier…but loving Sawyer was never going to be an easy choice; not when he came with a motorcycle club as a third wheel in their relationship.
Added to that, a new threat has reemerged bringing with it a complication in the form of her old lover, Caleb Santiago.
Past secrets and old hurts are forced to the surface as Whisky struggles to adjust to her life as Sawyer’s old lady while trying not to lose everything she’s worked so hard to get in the process.
Can she love Sawyer and accept his life without letting go of everything that was once important to her? Or will sharing him with the club be too big a sacrifice? 

I've met so many new and wonderful people in the last few weeks with this book; bloggers who have reviewed Whisky and my lovely new editor, Cate, who was a huge help and got Whisky looking punctuation perfect!As well as a stack of new friends on face book and twitter who have helped spread the word. And a HUGE thanks to all my old, faithful friends, you all know who you are, who continue to buy my books and tell people about them! I've had a few things sent to me that I thought should be put into a Whisky post... things like this.......

Ernie Button discovered something really cool about Whisky (the drink...not the person). Check out this blog and the accidental discovery he made which turned into a fantastic hobby! here. 

Thank you to Cate my awesome editor for sending this article through to me. Love it!

And is this perhaps Sawyer's favourite saying? Thanks Karin for sending this to me :) I think it's kinda perfect!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Whisky anyone?

Okay, now don't panic! It's alright, I haven't completely switched genres, I'm still writing romantic suspense, but you know me, I get a bee in my bonnet, or rather characters find me and bug me until I write their story...they don't seem to care if they're a completely different genre to what I usually write, they just want their story told! 

So there I was, happily writing book two of the Sentinel series, when this tall, somewhat sexy biker, swaggered up and suggested I write his story...only it wasn't his story exactly...it was his girl, Whisky's, story...but he wanted to make sure I wrote him into it...who was I to argue (did I mention he was hot?!).
I really enjoyed writing this book, it gave me the opportunity to add my coffee addiction to a story line for one thing...and something else unexpected happened along the way...I discovered Son's of Anarchy...(cue dramatic music here).
I swear to GOD...never have I been addicted to a TV show the way I became addicted to this one. I have Kerri Williams, to thank for starting me on this road to destruction. She'd been nagging me for ages to watch this show...but seriously, it's about bikers... ok, so my husband owns a bike (his online screen name should have scared me off when we first met being Coffsbiker!) But, honestly, I didn't think it would be something i'd watch...oh how wrong was I?!
About two thirds the way through this book, I looked over at the DVD I had sitting on my desk where it had lived for about three months or more, and decided that, okay, seeing as I was already up to my armpits in this biker story I was writing, I may as well watch a few episodes of SOA and see if there's anything research worthy on there to help with this book...well, three seasons into it, I hadn't been able to concentrate on finishing my book, I hadn't written a damn word in weeks and I was consumed by Son's fever...it took the fact I couldn't get my hands on season 4 to kick my butt into gear long enough to finish writing Whisky! It was the longest damn waiting by the post box to get my DVD's I had to order from over seas, ever!!! 
So thanks to a combination of things, writing this book opened me up to a whole world of possibilities! I should point out Whisky is nothing like Son's of Anarchy, so don't read it expecting to find Jax, Gemma and Tig on the pages! But I hope you still enjoy Whisky and Sawyer's story. 


Whisky “Sky” McKenna, daughter of a once notorious motorcycle club president, just wants to live her own life, without her father’s baggage, without her grandparents’ controlling rules, and preferably without stabbing her obnoxious employer with a fork.
For months, the only thing that kept Sky dragging herself out of bed and off to her job was the brief few moments she got to stand behind her mystery guy at the coffee shop. She didn't know his name—she didn’t care, all she knew was that those precious few moments each day she spent fantasizing about having his babies was the highlight of her pathetically, mundane life.
Then he walked back into her life. Sawyer Riley; six feet of broody denim and leather with a demand that would turn her life upside down.
Suddenly mundane was beginning to look pretty darn good.
Holding onto her newly found freedom was proving difficult when everyone seemed hell bent on taking it away. How was she supposed to have a future when her past kept getting in the way?
  You can buy Whisky here  and in the UK here

Check out the beautiful back cover of the print copy! Thank you so much to the amazing Shelly Pratt for bringing my cover to life. You can get her to design you a cover by visiting her here.